How to become 'ONE' of us?!?!

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How to become 'ONE' of us?!?!

Post by Itachi11 on Mon Oct 03, 2011 2:30 pm

About us:

The Guild 'Sanctuary' is made in February/March 2009. We fused 2 old guilds from Tanda (Angelsheart and StrawHatPirates) into 1 guild and thats the guild 'Sanctuary' like we know it these days. So this happened way before the merge and the new dungeon: 'The Sanctuary' came out.
In the guild its all about having fun with each other, trust, helping each other and loyality like a real family. This is what made this guild, keep going on.

Inside the guild we organize guilddps, help with quests, help when someone got a problem, have active players and a active guildchat. Everyone inside the guilds speaks English which is the main language in our guildchat. Communcation is very important in a guild. Thats why we always have a own TeamSpeak server for our guildies. Its great for getting to know each other and makes this game a lot easier.

We have also a guild'system' where we buy items like stamina savers, animal crackers, god mother fairy bottles etc. from our guildmoney and sell them to guildies for a much cheaper actual price. We are very flexibel in this and we are using this system for a long time with a lot of positive reactions. We hope we can keep this up.

What to do to become 'ONE' of us:

To be able to join Sanctuary u need to make a new topic under the Recruitment section where u need to answer the following questions. The guildleaders and the guildmembers will give their opinion whether the recruiter should join or not. Within 1 - 5 days we will close the topic and invite when the reactions are positive or refuse when they are negative.

U need to be atleast lvl 130+ and it need to be ur MAIN char,
we make exceptions,if we need special Classes for sure

The information that should be posted is:


-Player Name in game:


-Previous Guilds:

-Why do you want to join Sanctuary?:

-If you had a previous guild, why are you not with them anymore?:

-How active are you? (Hours per day / days per week):

-Are there more people playing on your account?

-Comments (tell us about yourself):

-Are there any friends in Sanctuary u know?

-5. ...

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